Knowing is Half the Battle

The Manila Dragons, one of the country’s pioneer dragonboat teams, prides itself as one of the most inclusive sports teams in the country.  Majority of its paddlers identify as LGBTQ and their number only keeps on increasing.  In just the past month alone, the Manila Dragons has added two gay men and a trans woman […]

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Hire Learning

This piece originally appeared in the fun and fierce second issue of TEAM MAGAZINE, a magazine for gay, Filipino men.  For digital copies, download here.  Follow us on social media here, here and here.  TEAM MAGAZINE’s third issue comes out this November and it will certainly be a cause for celebration. “Maybe Victor would be more comfortable in a different […]

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Fifty Three Months A Savior

First things first, this piece’s title was inspired by the upcoming film Twelve Years a Slave.  Please understand that I do not have a Messiah complex and I do not think of myself as a savior of some sorts.  While my well-documented narcissism may disprove this denial, I seriously do not think of myself as […]

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