A couple of weeks ago, we were shooting Episodes 1 and 2 of Team Magazine’s landmark online series about the lives of young gay men in Manila, Hanging Out. After over ten hours of shooting, I found myself playing a game of Random Questions with some of the talented young adults we were working with. […]

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The Year in Photos

“The pictures are there and you just take them.” (Robert Capa)   © 2015 Victor John Platon All Rights Reserved. Follow Victor John on his social media accounts Facebook: Victor John Platon Instagram: victorjohnplaton Twitter: @VicPlaton

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A Great Year To Be Alive

The American poet, essayist, journalist and humanist Walt Whitman said, “These are the days that must happen to you.”  I am not sure how to relate that quote to my post but I thought opening my post with a Walt Whitman quotation will paint me in a great light.  I’d like you to believe that […]

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A Fairly Extraordinary Year

I was reviewing my Facebook newsfeed and saw a barrage of year-end assessments of friends and casual acquaintances.  A good number of the posts were claiming that 2012 was their ‘best year ever’.  While I am happy for my friends who honestly believe that their past year was their best yet, I am wise enough […]

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